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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Statement from the Minister

Honourable Nancy Heppner

Honourable Nancy Heppner

I’m pleased to present the ministry’s Plan for 2013-14. The Government’s Direction and Budget for 2013- 14 are built on the principle of Balanced Growth, supporting an ongoing focus on sound economic growth and shared prosperity.

This is the first full year of existence for the Ministry of Central Services. Creating this central ministry has streamlined internal workplace operations and services, and enabled ministries to focus on their mandates to serve the people of Saskatchewan.

The ministry strives to improve the value of its services to clients by establishing a client service model that best meets client needs.

It has embraced the priorities of a renewed public service and is committed to implementing changes to achieve positive results in all parts of the organization.

Among its actions for the year, the ministry will work to reduce the CO2 emissions of government building and transportation infrastructure.

It will increase the resiliency of IT infrastructure and applications to ensure services are both sustainable and reliable.

The Ministry will also implement a comprehensive health and safety strategy to ensure safe work environments and practices and effectively manage return-to-work for employees on leave.

These are just some of the many actions outlined in this plan for the year 2013-14. The ministry will report on progress made toward this plan, within the financial parameters provided, in the 2013-14 Annual Report.

Honourable Nancy Heppner
Minister of Central Services

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