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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Statement from the Minister

Honourable Nancy Heppner

Honourable Nancy Heppner

Central Services provides essential business services to Government ministries and agencies. The Ministry is responsible for services such as accommodation and property management, transportation services, purchasing, telecommunications, mail distribution, records management, project management, information technology and human resources.

In 2012-13, the Ministry of Central Services, on behalf of the Government of Saskatchewan, successfully applied to be recognized as a Top Employer in Saskatchewan. This award acknowledges the Government as a leader in providing employees with an exceptional place to work. The Saskatchewan Public Service is dedicated to providing a competitive and rewarding work environment for employees through the programs and services offered.

In the last year, many advances have been made to support our clients and deliver a more responsible Government. Central Services successfully implemented an enterprise-wide upgrade of our Government email service, which brings us forward and has reduced risk and avoided future operational expenditures of maintaining an outdated system. Central Services ensured the network was fully functional during normal business hours with no down time, helping to keep Government programs and services in operation.

The Ministry continues to reduce its environmental footprint and operate more efficiently. The Central Vehicle Agency is working with Ministries to improve the operations of the vehicle fleet by choosing the right-size of vehicle for their trip, reducing the overall size of the fleet, and providing education and awareness materials to fleet users. Central Services also continues to secure environmentally friendly leases where feasible and many Government buildings have been internationally recognized for green operations, and construction and design.

Central Services continues to lead the successful implementation of the Lean methodology across the public service in an effort to improve the quality and efficiency of Government’s processes. The Ministry is also working with the education and post-secondary sector to provide Lean support. To date, more than 500 staff in the education and post-secondary sectors have been trained in Lean methodologies to help improve processes and increase efficiencies.

The Ministry delivers value to the public by working with Executive Government and the Crown and Municipal, Academic, School and Health (MASH) sectors to procure millions in goods and services through open, fair, competitive purchasing. Central Services also provides service to citizens through the Saskatchewan Air Ambulance program. Annually, the service transports more than 1,400 patients to the critical care they need.

Central Services has moved forward on many strategic commitments in an effort to support Executive Government. These actions align with the Government of Saskatchewan’s vision for a secure and prosperous Saskatchewan, leading the country in economic and population growth, while providing a high quality of life for all. The 2012-13 Annual Report for Central Services demonstrates the Government and Ministry’s commitment to increasing accountability, honouring commitments and responsibly managing expenditures.


Nancy Heppner

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