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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Statement from the Minister

Honourable Nancy Heppner

Honourable Nancy Heppner

I’m pleased to present the Ministry’s plan for 2014-15. The Government’s Direction and Budget for 2014-15 are built on the principle of Steady Growth to support a continued focus on sound economic growth and shared prosperity.

The Ministry is dedicated to providing the support services Government depends on to serve the people of Saskatchewan. In addition to delivering Government’s infrastructure and service needs, the Ministry is committed to meeting our mandate in a responsive and responsible manner.

The Ministry will continue to work to reduce the environmental footprint of Government’s buildings and transportation fleets. The Ministry will also focus on IT infrastructure and applications to ensure the safety and reliability of Government’s IT network.

The 2014-15 planning year will bring with it a renewed focus on health and safety and plans to build an engaged workforce culture based on service excellence and providing value to clients.

These are just some of the many actions outlined in this plan for the year 2014-15. The Ministry will report on progress made toward this plan, within the financial parameters provided, in the 2014-15 Annual Report.

Honourable Nancy Heppner
Minister of Central Services

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